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The ramón nut, a nutrient-rich tree seed, once grew in the rainforests of Petén virtually unnoticed. Today, it is providing jobs for women, food for families and much-needed income for local communities.

This remarkable shift is a direct result of the Rainforest Alliance's work in this region, says Grecia Magdalena López. She, along with women from seven other communities, began attending trainings hosted by the Rainforest Alliance and local partners in 2012. That's when they learned to sustainably harvest the ramón nut and process it into flour, thereby boosting their earning potential: now, rather than just selling the raw nut, the women can also make cakes, tamales, soups and beverages to sell.

“This project is very special because it directly supports women from our communities,” López says. "This employment supports our husbands and children by bringing additional income to our households." Donate to the Rainforest Alliance today, and help more women like Grecia Magdalena López receive the training they need to earn a sustainable livelihood.

López is now the president of a local committee—made up entirely of women—that shares resources and commands increasingly higher prices for products. Most importantly, mothers can now provide for their children. "Because of the training we received, we are able to use the ramón nut to feed our families and to sell. We can support our children—their education and their health—which is our priority."

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