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The Petén region of northern Guatemala is home to the Maya Biosphere Reserve, a 5.2-million acre (2.1-million hectare) area that is part of the largest intact tropical forest north of the Amazon. It's no wonder Guatemala means "place of many trees." Unique treasures are found throughout Petén, from towering Kapok trees, jaguars, pumas and scarlet macaws to the temples of Tikal National Park, one of the largest cities of the ancient Maya civilization.

The descendants of the ancient Mayas continue to live in and around the forest, and they are among its fiercest defenders—working with the Rainforest Alliance since the 1990s to protect the forest from the ever-present perils of illegal logging and reckless agricultural conversion.

Your support helps us continue to work with the people of Petén, and develop sustainable livelihood opportunities that allow these communities to earn a decent living while conserving irreplaceable natural resources for future generations.

On the front lines of conservation in Guatemala:

Guiding Communities to Sustainable Livelihoods


Grecia Magdalena López received training from the Rainforest Alliance to harvest ramón nuts sustainably. She's now sharing her knowledge with others.

Guarding the Precious Forests of Petén


The Rainforest Alliance helped community leader Erwin Maas learn to protect the natural resources that will sustain generations to come.

Helping today’s students grow into tomorrow’s environmental leaders


Lesbia Gualip is using the Rainforest Alliance’s environmental education curriculum to cultivate a new generation of forest conservationists.