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In the early 1990s, the people of San Juan de Cheni were beset by tragedy. This small village in Peru, situated on the eastern slope of the Andes, was terrorized by Shining Path rebels, and their traditional way of life—farming cocoa—was derailed. They staged a heroic resistance and were eventually able to reclaim their lives, but new challenges limited their livelihood options.

Today, with help from the Rainforest Alliance, the people of San Juan are finally getting back on their feet. Through new sustainable agriculture techniques, local farmers are earning more than ever for their cocoa while protecting Andean rainforests and creating new benefits for their families. We invite you to meet the people of San Juan and explore this community's sustainable renaissance—achieved with help from Rainforest Alliance supporters like you.

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San Juan de Cheni confronted terror head-on, but their livelihoods suffered.
Meet Jose »
Rainforest Alliance
Reeling from adversity, the community rebuilt through sustainability.
Meet Abel »
Rainforest Alliance
With help from the Rainforest Alliance, San Juan's farmers are forging a brighter future.
Meet Eva »

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