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Sometimes when school teacher Lesbia Gualip asks her students a math question, they’ll start talking about trees and conservation—and for Gualip, that’s a good thing. “That’s when I realize they have come to understand the importance of nature, our environment, the trees and animals,” Gualip says.

It’s not an accident that Gualip's students think of the environment during math class. “The Rainforest Alliance gives us the tools to integrate environmental education into our regular classes, so we can relate it to math, to literature and to art. That way the students can learn about these things on a daily basis,” she explains.

Imagine how bright the future would be if more teachers used the Rainforest Alliance's interdisciplinary, hands-on education tools. You can extend the reach of our environmental curriculum and help educate tomorrow's environmental leaders today.

For Gualip, who has spent her entire life here in this remote, tropical town, teaching young people about conservation here is of critical importance. Living just miles from the famed archaeological treasure Tikal, she understands that the forest must be protected for future generations.

While Gualip and her colleagues are doing their part, there is more work to be done in other areas of Petén—and other regions of the world! Help us inspire the next generation of conservation leaders by donating to the Rainforest Alliance today.

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